angle-left CD "PLAISIRS ILLUMINÉS with Patricia Kopatchinskaja

CD "PLAISIRS ILLUMINÉS with Patricia Kopatchinskaja

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"This CD showcases the qualities of the Camerata Bern, with which I have worked for several years now. Two of the three main works on this CD were written for the Camerata Bern and all challenge the ensemble with extremely virtuosic and often soloistic difficulties, calling for individual ability and responsibility from each and every member. At the end we felt as if we had conquered Mount Everest." - Patricia Kopatchinskaja

On our new album "PLAISIRS ILLUMINÉS" with Patricia Kopatchinskaja we recorded highly virtuosic string works from the 20th and 21st centuries. Music by Veress, Bartók, Ginastera, Kurtág and Ligeti feature alongside a newly-commissioned double concerto by Spanish composer Francisco Coll (*1985) starring Sol Gabetta, on this thrilling and powerful new album.

All composers connect through their folkloristic re-imagination of music, as well as an uncompromising physical and sensual approach as they meet dissonances head-on. The line between soloists and chamber musicians is blurred due to the extreme demands put on all players, making for an immersive and gripping listener experience. In addition to Coll, music by Sándor Veress written for CAMERATA BERN in 1965-66 plus a late piece by Alberto Ginastera - combining Argentine folk dances and the composer’s first use of twelve tone technique - provide a focal point for the album. Surrounding this are short pieces by Veress’ teacher, Bela Bartók and Veress’ famous pupils: György Ligeti and György Kurtág.

Composer Francisco Coll - who also paints - took inspiration from the surrealists’ motto "Create impossible worlds in a very realistic way” for his double concerto for violin, cello and chamber orchestra. Named after Salvador Dalí’s work Les Plaisirs Illuminés, the complex work necessitated a conductor for the typically conductor-less CAMERATA BERN - for which composer Francisco Coll rose to the challenge. Much in demand from the world’s leading orchestras, Coll was Composer in Residence with CAMERATA BERN from 2018-2019.

Violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and cellist Sol Gabetta are long-standing chamber music partners. Regularly performing together in concert, this is the first time they join forces on record. After the very successful album "TIME & ETERNITY", "PLAISIRS ILLUMINÉS" is now the second recording for the label Alpha Classics with Patricia Kopatchinskaja as Artistic Partner.

Release date Switzerland: 4th of December 2020
Release date worldwide and online: 8th of January 2021