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Anna Puig Torné


Member since 2014


What is special about playing in CAMERATA BERN?

The quality of music making in any ensemble is directly linked to the quality of the personal relations inside that group. That was for me the most impressive thing about CAMERATA BERN: such a special size that allows the ensemble to feel big and to feel small at the same time, to be intimate and to be grand. In CAMERATA BERN we always look for not only the meaning of the music itself but the meaning for us, and this level of intimacy among us makes our performances very special.

What about your job presents the largest challenge?

The biggest and most exciting challenge about being a musician is finding the tools to connect the sound I imagine in my head into my instrument and to establish a bidirectional channel that allows both of them to be nourished, back and forth.

Could you share a personal anecdote from your time with CAMERATA BERN?

I want to share an anecdote about my first rehearsal ever in CAMERATA BERN. I was first invited to join a Baroque project and back then I had never played on a baroque viola but I didn't want to lose the chance to play with CAMERATA BERN, so I accepted the gig. Then Käthi told me that they could give me a baroque viola to play, and I was relieved because I had no instrument myself, but I could only meet Käthi briefly before the first rehearsal. So basically I could play on that instrument for only around ten minutes before joining my first CAMERATA rehearsal, where of course all the Cameratis where looking at me to share music and to enjoy together, but I was so stressed that after that rehearsal I went and practiced with the instrument until midnight!

About Anna Puig Torné

I have been principal viola player of CAMERATA BERN since 2014 and a member of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra since 2009. I am regularly invited as a guest principal violist in orchestras such as the Orchestre de Paris, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

I am a founding member of the Dalia Quartet, and I have been a member of Port Klezmer, exploring the roots of Jewish traditional music.

I teach viola and chamber music at the Conservatori Superior del Liceu de Barcelona, have been involved in a variety of music education projects around the world and regularly collaborate with organizations that develop projects for the integration and education of children at risk of exclusion.

I was born in Cervera, a tiny village in Catalunya, and started my musical studies at the age of five. Later I continued my studies first with Walter Küssner and then with Tabea Zimmermann in Berlin.

Today I live with my partner and our three children in the countryside where I find the peace and quiet to recharge my batteries, reconnect to nature and practice yoga.

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