Time Eternity 1

Time & Eternity On Tour

Gstaad Menuhin Festival

Sat, 10 Aug 2024 19:30 Saanen, Kirche Patricia Kopatchinskaja
Concept, Direction and Violin
Markus Güdel
Lighting design

Bach, Hartmann, Martin and others


John Zorn (1953)
Kol Nidre

Karl Amadeus Hartmann (1905–1963)
Concerto funebre for Violin and String Orchestra

Immortal Victims, "Вы жертвою пали", funeral march


Guillaume de Machaut (~1300–1377)
Kyrie from the Messe de Nostre-Dame

Frank Martin (1890–1974)
Polyptyque for Violin and two small String Orchestras

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

Luboš Fišer (1935–1999)
Crux for Violin, Timpani and Bells

Programme with interval
Running time: approx. 2 hours

About the programme

"Time and Eternity" is an uncompromising meditation on the human condition and includes music from a time span of over 600 years. Patricia Kopatchinakaja and CAMERATA BERN premiered this program in September 2018 in the candlelit French Church in Bern, then performed it in Bonn and Ghent and recorded it as a joint debut CD on the Alpha Classics label.

"This music is made out of the blood and tears of tortured souls: a strangled scream, voices muttering amid a terrified silence, the sounds of war in an improvised cadenza. It is about us, our past and our future.

At the centre is Hartmann’s Concerto funebre. Juxtaposed is Frank Martin’s Polyptyque, a piece about God’s Passion and the misery endured to attain eternal salvation for humankind. The Concerto funebre, which can also be seen as a Passion, is a testimony to the wrongs that have been done – and are still being done – to human beings, to creation, and to the Creator."

Patricia Kopatchinskaja

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