angle-left Martin Merker

Martin Merker


Member since 2001

Martin Merker, Cello

Do you have a certain ritual before a concert?
Two deep breaths.

When and how did your path cross with CAMERATA BERN?
When I was close to finishing school, I attended two concerts in Karlsruhe and Basel. CAMERATA BERN played under the direction of Thomas Füri. This way of playing together without a conductor – back then it was still something unusual – fascinated me.

What is your favourite time of day to practice?
Early in the morning or in the still of the night.

About Martin Merker
Martin Merker studied violoncello at the music academies in Detmold (Karine Georgian), Basel (Reinhard Latzko and Ivan Monighetti) and Barcelona (Lluis Claret). He became a member of CAMERATA BERN in 2001, was a member of the Board of Trustees for over a decade, and has been a significant contributor in the development of CAMERATA BERN’s concert programs for many years. He has won prizes at several international chamber music competitions. Martin Merker is the cellist of the Offenburg String Trio and principal cello of the argovia philharmonic. Music academies in Europe, the USA, Asia and South America have invited him as a guest professor. He has released CD recordings on labels such as ambitus, ANTES and NAXOS. He has been teaching at the Musikschule Liechtenstein since 2018.