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Christina Merblum Bollschweiler


Member since 2013


What are your interests outside of music?

That is a big one! Because there are many. Not to bore anyone with long explanations, I will simply do my top 6: interior design, medicine, sports, fashion, cooking, all things related to child development.

The Beatles or the Stones?

Now that is tough!! Okay, drum roll…The Stones. Anticlimactic? Yep.

What music do you listen to while on holiday?

When I was growing up, we almost never had music on in the house. When I was at my grandparents’ home, there was ALWAYS music on. They were classical music enthusiasts and had season tickets to the Metropolitan Opera far before the masses. As they aged, the music got progressively louder and louder and LOUDER. I miss that atmosphere. But, because there is a lot of music-making in my household, we tend to listen to very little for pleasure. I keep up on rock these days for dance parties with my son. Okay, that is the longest possible way to get to the answer of the question! The answer is NONE! The small caveat to that is, there is music everywhere. While on holiday there is always a different music in the air. The music of the people, the ocean, the jazz clubs, the street cleaning, the cows, the insects as they fly. That music is enough for me.

About Christina Merblum Bollschweiler

Christina Merblum is originally from Connecticut, USA. The thread of chamber music was ever present through her studies, from studying with the Emerson Quartet in her preparatory studies at the HARTT School to working intensively with Mitchell Stern of the American Quartet to the most influential work with Donald Weilerstein and members of the Cleveland Quartet as she finished her master’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Summers took her to festivals with the Juilliard and Takács Quartets, where she collaborated with extraordinary artists. Her last exploration with Shmuel Ashkenasi and members of the Vermeer Quartet led directly to her post as Artist-in-Residence at Northern Kentucky University, where she became Professor of Violin and Chamber Music as well as Co-Director of the yearly festival that took place there. Upon moving to Switzerland, the search to continue that thread continued with connections to CHAARTS, Sonoro, Resonanzen Festival and others. And, ultimately, came to its conclusion with CAMERATA BERN.

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