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Suyeon Kang


Member since 2017


What led you to become a musician?

Apparently I was an extremely loud singer in day-care/kindergarten – and so my teachers encouraged my parents to arrange a private music lesson. I don't recall my first violin lesson in great detail but I do remember two things: I really didn't want to go to it – and after it I gave nobody at home any peace anymore as I was scratching on the instrument all the time.

What about your job presents the largest challenge?

The biggest challenge of being a musician is that there is no end to it. One never has «completed» learning anything. You can prepare a good version of a piece of music, but you might wake up the next day and realise you missed out on a detail. Ten years later you might look back and think «my god, how stupid I was back then.» I think the greatest challenge (and greatest joy) lies in that very fact: that the understanding of music (as of all art) will always grow and develop, and we, as interpreters, with it.

What is special about playing in CAMERATA BERN?

Playing in CAMERATA BERN is special for me because there is a curious lack of detrimental ego in the group. Of course, there are ideas and concepts which don't always agree with each other, and in specific projects there is of course a certain hierarchy which prevents the group from falling apart. However, each individual has the capability of having a lot to offer without putting down the ideas of another. Our ability to communicate, and not be frightened to experiment, and try out new ideas, is extremely refreshing and – I believe – quite hard to come by in today's society!

About Suyeon Kang

Suyeon was born in South Korea, moved to Canada at the age of three, and then to Australia at the age of six. It was there that she was first introduced to the violin, which took her to a few more cities within the country for further studies and then as a teenager to Germany. Currently based in Berlin, she enjoys a colourful musical life exploring the different facets of music.

A laureate of several international violin competitions (Michael Hill, Yehudi Menuhin, etc) she is also a founding member of the Trio Boccherini, has served as a concertmaster of the Kammerakademie Potsdam since 2019, and is a teaching assistant to Prof. Antje Weithaas at the Hanns Eisler School of Music, Berlin.

In the future she would like to do something involving working with children (music and people – has not figured out a concrete plan), learn how to make a great Vietnamese Phở, and live in a big enough place to house a rather large dog (preferably a St. Bernard), a big library, and a bathtub, which she currently sadly does not own.

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