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Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. Subscription series concert

Sat, 1 March 2025 20:00 Bern, Dampfzentrale Anthony Romaniuk
Direction, Piano and Harpsichord

Works by Bach, Scelsi, Brubeck and others


Georg Muffat (1653–1704)
Excerpts from Armonico tributo Sonata No. 2 in G minor

Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988)
Anagamin for 11 Strings

Anthony Romaniuk (1982)
Blue Poles
for Strings and Piano

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
First movement of the Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings in D minor BWV 1052

Aphex Twin (Richard David James) (1971)
Blue Calx arranged by Caleb Burhans for Alarm Will Sound

Dmitri Schostakowitsch (1906–1975)
Finale / Allegretto from the Piano Quintet op. 57 in G minor, version for piano and strings

Josquin des Préz (um 1450–1521)
Ave Maria arranged for strings and improvising piano by Anthony Romaniuk

Dave Brubeck (1920–2012)
Blue Rondo à la Turk arranged for strings and harpsichord by Anthony Romaniuk

Olli Mustonen (1967)
Toccata for Piano and Strings

Programme without interval
Running time: approx. 1 hour

About the programme

“Part of my musical philosophy is to be like a magpie, selecting things I like and arranging them into collections. Starting from a broad repertoire, I use the timbres of multiple keyboard instruments, and connect it all together with improvisation. The idea behind ‘Old. New. Borrowed. Blue.’ is to extend this approach to my favourite string ensemble, CAMERATA BERN.

Old is represented by the baroque repertoire (Georg Muffat and J.S. Bach) but also by Josquin des Préz, over which I’ll improvise.

New: I’ve composed a piece especially for the project, paired with Olli Mustonen’s composition.

Borrowed: I understand this term in the sense of curation – meaning, we borrow music by other people, we can use it and share it, but, as classical musicians, we are never truly the owners of others’ music.

Blue: Brubeck and Aphex Twin are easy fits here, but I also think of the Bach concerto as being ‘blue’, in that it feels bluesy, somehow. The idea that things may be bad right now, but the clouds will part (and then inevitably gather again…).”

Anthony Romaniuk

Ticket pricing

This concert is also available as part of a subscription

Ticket pricing:
CHF 45.–/ 65.–/ 85.–
CHF 5.– for children and teenagers 18 and under

Discounts (for all categories):
20% for members of the Friends of CAMERATA BERN
50% for young adults aged 19 to 30
30% for KulturLegi cardholders

Kultur-GA: free admission for remaining same-day seats

Refugees (with ID): free admission for remaining same-day seats

Programme booklet

In-depth insights into the concert programme, with detailed descriptions of the works and biographies of participating artists. The evening programme booklet is available (in German only) as a PDF download starting approximately one week before the concert and is distributed free of charge at the concert.

The texts are produced in collaboration with the Institute for Musicology at the University of Bern.

Introductory podcast

Background information and context for the programmes, with musical sneak peeks and sound bites from the performers.

The podcast is available (in German only) from approximately 10 days before the concert.

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